Our Mission

Shenandoah Primitives’ goal is to provide our customers with unique, handmade folk-art gifts and reproduction furniture that is set apart from the mass-produced items, often found in the marketplace. Many adjectives have been used when viewing our work including, unique, distressed, primitive, sturdy, and a good value for the price. Specializing in furniture and crafts made from recycled materials, our focus on environmental consciousness is a core belief.

Our standard finish could be described as distressed, but I think we take that idea and create something that stands out from other things with that description. We produce all of our pieces from construction through the finish. Shenandoah Primitives’ craft has been learned over the course of time from an interest in woodworking and furniture and then through extensive practical experience finishing furniture for our friends at Good Intent Farm.

Located in Winchester, Virginia in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, any time of year is right for a visit.
Our base of operations is on the property of Jeff’s turn of the century (20th) farmhouse. You are welcome to contact us to set an appointment to come view current inventory or discuss details of your custom ideas.

Custom Room and Furniture Designs

We are happy to help you design a kitchen, bathroom, or any other room decor for your house with our unique finish. The only limit is your imagination. We are happy to work with you on custom designs for any of our products. We kindly request a 50% deposit before beginning custom orders.

Barn Removal

The service of barn removal is available for a nominal charge. There is always some way to work out salvaging which is beneficial to all. We love barter, trade and just figuring out how we can help each other. Everyone’s situation is unique and, after all, we’re all in this together!
Give us a call to come out and survey the property for an estimate. Complete debris removal is available.

Delivery/ Shipping

Local and long distance delivery and shipping options are available.