Home Decor

Decor and more

Shenandoah Primitives uses recycled materials to create unique and useful decor items for your home. Mirrors, wine racks, and hand-painted signs, are just a few of the items we are currently making.

Shenandoah Primitives re-purposes old house items for a new look in many ways. Two ways are turning window sashes into mirrors, and shutter slats to signs. We often have a large inventory of old house and barn parts laying around as well. Are you looking for old knobs, wavy glass, barn hardware or are interested in authentic barn wood for your own project? Contact us and we may just have something that suits your needs.

Come be creative

Do you have an idea for a crafty project and maybe some of the materials, but lack the tools or experience to make what you envision? Feel free to contact us for pointers, a lesson on some aspect of what you are attempting to learn, or to see if we can provide the rest of your materials for your crafty inspiration.

Stuff we make

Mirrors from old window sashes, custom bathroom mirror frames, folk art mirrors, small mirrors, picture frames, stars, snowman lawn ornaments, garden stakes, bird feeders (the squirrels like these), flags from wood or old roof metal, peg board coat racks, memory boards, wine racks, shutter slat signs, hand painted signs, knife boxes

Coming soon will be a picture gallery with many of these items.

Our booth at Broad Appetit in Richmond, VA 2017

Here is a picture of a custom wine rack we built: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mb7ALqH3ZnAcGU-I4mLrmWEPkD0owp7M0A