The majority of our furniture products are constructed from reclaimed barn wood. We scour the countryside in the Shenandoah Valley for barns (and houses) that have become structurally beyond their prime. Now that they have served one purpose, usually for a century or more, it is time for that wood to serve another purpose. This is much more fulfilling than adding it to the burn pile. When you purchase an item from Shenandoah Primitives, you can be told the story of the barn from which the wood was taken. Now, occasionally we will use new wood for some project requirements, or come a cross a load of live edge wood that we just couldn’t pass up, but you will always be well informed of what you are purchasing for your family to have for generations to come.

Our furniture is individually constructed, painted, and finished by hand. Sturdy construction using dowels and glue will last for generations. We focus on tables and benches, but are happy to make other pieces of furniture, either from our repertoire of past orders, or your custom design.

Our bases are painted and distressed, while our tops are finished to enhance the natural wood grains as well as highlight the previous use on a barn. We do have a standard array of colors we like to work with, but are open to any color you might like for your individual piece. Because of the individuality of our furniture slight color variations offer each piece its own unique character.